A nice letter from Air France – KLM

On 11/10/2014, in Airline corner, by steve

klmAlthough BluSky has moved from Air France – KLM to Lufthansa and the Star Alliance as our company’s preferred airline, we are still registered as a BlueBiz member and so get every now and then communications from our old favorite.  Last Wednesday I got a particularly interesting letter from them in my mailbox. I would like to share it with you since this letter shows very well the troubles our industry is facing and how even big companies like KLM are struggling to make a future for themselves. I was particularly struck by the mention of Transavia… this airline, which had seen better days before Air France took over KLM is now slated to compete in the LCC arena. Most analysts believe that this is too little too late and I am afraid they are probably right. Time will tell.

Anyway, here is the letter.


Now that the Air France pilot strike has been ended, we feel it is time for apologies and an explanation and at the same time we want to show you our dedication and appreciation.

First let me begin by offering our sincere apologies for the difficulties caused by the strike. We are sorry if this has affected the activities of your company and your travelers in any way. We are also grateful for the messages of encouragement and support we received from many BlueBiz members.

The issue that lead to the strike situation is the competition AIR FRANCE KLM is facing from low-cost carriers on European routes. To cover the increasing demand for low-cost flights among the public, we need to adapt our offering. A major change that will make us more competitive is the further development of Transavia, AIR FRANCE KLM Group’s low-cost airline. At the same time we will continue to make our large investments in both the Air France and KLM products. The introduction of our new long-haul cabins is a major part of these programs.

More than ever our teams are fully dedicated to a continued and successful partnership into the future with you and your company.

We hope to welcome you and your colleagues back onboard one of our aircraft soon

With kind regards,

Patrick Alexandre
Executive Vice President Commercial

We wish you luck Air France KLM!


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