User Driven Prioritization Process (UDPP)…

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The User Driven Prioritisation Process (UDPP) came to life in an exercise which took place in March 2016. Before we go into the details, it is worth mentioning that the idea was born during the SESAR definition phase (anyone still remembering what that was all about?) and it took only 9 (NINE!!!) years for SESAR to reach this point… I wonder how many more years will pass before UDPP is actually implemented. Of course, as some have pointed out, 9 years is not so bad after all. Micro Offsets needed  15 years and Time Based Separation 23 years… so what is 9 years compared to that? Anyway, in case the SESAR folks happen to read this, a small thank you note to Alex would I am sure be appreciated!

UDPP aims to provide more flexibility to airspace users in case of delays on departure, en-route and arrival in capacity constrained situations (for example due to adverse weather or industrial action). It takes place in a Collaborative Decision Making context. The UDPP Step 1 process (including slot swapping) covers flight exchanges within a sequence list at a point of congestion (departure, en-route, arrival), and is now being progressively deployed. The UDPP Step 2 concept provides an additional layer of flexibility by allowing an anticipative management of airspace user flight schedules in delay situations.

The project aims to clarify the roles and responsibilities of the different actors collaborating in UDPP (airspace users, Network Manager, FMPs, airports); ensuring a smooth integration with other Demand and Capacity Balancing measures; and further validating performance.

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BluSky Services Turned 13

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logo NEWLast Friday was 1 April and it was not the 13th… but for us, it still held special interest even though we are not in the business of witchcraft and other silly beliefs. It was Friday and the 13th birthday of BluSky Services!

Yes, it is hard to believe, but for 13 years this company has paid our breakfast and dinner while keeping us busy and growing steadily in recognition as a center of knowledge and professional excellence.

BluSky Services was born in the middle of one of the deepest crises the aviation business had ever seen. The aftermath of 9/11 was still with us very much, airlines were fighting for survival and only one thing was certain, the world we had known would be no more. What would follow was anybody’s guess.

Into this uncertain landscape landed BluSky with a mission that was as clear as it was simple. There was and always will be a future for aviation and the best way to forecast that future was in actually making it! Thinking out of the box, defining new concepts and driving new technologies were the tools BluSky was going to employ to help create the future others would not even dare to forecast.

Lofty aims indeed especially for a new company nobody had heard of.

Luckily, the company name and the name of its founders were quickly associated and this brought a certain initial patina to the brand… Let’s just say we did not have to start building from square one!

My network of friends and colleagues was a big help in the initial phase but also in later years. Of course falling back on the glory of previous achievements would never have cut it and we had to work and fight hard to prove to the world, again and again, that we did believe in what we preached and that quality and timely delivery were not empty promises but the rules we lived by.

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Quote of April

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When you jump for joy, beware that no one moves the ground from beneath your feet.

Stanislaw Lec




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