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By Sam Chui
Publisher: Pixelium Company
ISBN: 978-988-99186-5-1

Good book stores the world over tend to have several nice volumes with aircraft pictures and they are rightly popular. However, when Sam Chui’s new book entitled Air2 hits the shelves, they will suddenly become obsolete.

Sam has come with a new formula that combines well written reports on flights he took with a breathtaking collection of aircraft pictures like you have never seen before. His reports cover a very wide range of interesting trips most of us can only dream about but he manages to tell us stories from flights which are unique in themselves. What about the last Singapore Airlines Boeing 747 flight or a retro flight on a Bangladeshi DC-10? Or Mount Cook Ski Plane glacier landing and a hop in a DC-8-62? These are just a few examples of why I think this book is absolutely unique. Each report is amply illustrated and we are taken from the cockpit to the on-board catering and frankly, I could not decide which pictures made my mouth water more.

If you are like me and tend to go to the last pages in any new book you lay your hands on… well, fasten your seat-belt because you are dropped into a wealth of aircraft pictures that will take your breath away. Sam seems to have wings and permission to fly anywhere… his camera records images of our beloved flying machines that range from the incredible to the astounding. You get to see aircraft as they were meant to be seen but so rarely are. Whether they are roaring into the air with huge turbofans sucking air hungrily or returning to the ground with their tires kissing the concrete with a sight of smoke, Sam manages to catch moments of unforgettable beauty.

If you like aviation, this book should not be missing from your collection. Highly recommended!

Order yours here.

I have a few sample pictures here to prove the point…







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