Aviation Week and Space Technology – 100 Years’ Young

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AWEstablished 13 years after the Wright brothers’ flight at Kitty Hawk, the magazines stated goal in 1916 was to aggregate vast amounts of information about the fledgling aeronautical industry “and make it useful to the constructor, the engine maker, the aviator and the sportsman… in accurate, scientific and unbiased form”. This text is on the opening pages of the 100th Anniversary Issue, in the Letter form the Editor and President.

It is interesting to note that Flight International, Aviation Week’s main competitor, first appeared in 1909 and one may wonder what kept the Americans from coming with something similar much earlier. We will probably never know. One thing is sure, to-day these two magazines represent the best and most trustworthy source of aviation information in the world. They both come in printed as well as electronic versions and they both have archives with a treasure trove of information on aviation history.

The fact that both magazines are still with us after all this time is of particular interest in itself. It shows the need for information among the members of the aviation community and also that the editors have succeeded in finding the right formula for delivering that information. I also have the feeling that in spite of the understandable move towards digital media, the print versions of the magazines are unlikely to disappear anytime soon. We are a traditional bunch, that is for sure.

Personally, I do have a slight preference for Aviation Week and will always put Flight International in the second place. This is purely subjective and is not a scientific judgement. At the same time, I must say that for being fully informed and to get the complete picture, reading both is a must.

So…. Happy birthday Aviation Week!

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