Aviation Week and Space Technology – 100 Years’ Young

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AWEstablished 13 years after the Wright brothers’ flight at Kitty Hawk, the magazines stated goal in 1916 was to aggregate vast amounts of information about the fledgling aeronautical industry “and make it useful to the constructor, the engine maker, the aviator and the sportsman… in accurate, scientific and unbiased form”. This text is on the opening pages of the 100th Anniversary Issue, in the Letter form the Editor and President.

It is interesting to note that Flight International, Aviation Week’s main competitor, first appeared in 1909 and one may wonder what kept the Americans from coming with something similar much earlier. We will probably never know. One thing is sure, to-day these two magazines represent the best and most trustworthy source of aviation information in the world. They both come in printed as well as electronic versions and they both have archives with a treasure trove of information on aviation history.

The fact that both magazines are still with us after all this time is of particular interest in itself. It shows the need for information among the members of the aviation community and also that the editors have succeeded in finding the right formula for delivering that information. I also have the feeling that in spite of the understandable move towards digital media, the print versions of the magazines are unlikely to disappear anytime soon. We are a traditional bunch, that is for sure.

Personally, I do have a slight preference for Aviation Week and will always put Flight International in the second place. This is purely subjective and is not a scientific judgement. At the same time, I must say that for being fully informed and to get the complete picture, reading both is a must.

So…. Happy birthday Aviation Week!


Passenger Terminal Expo 2016 – 15-17 March 2016, Cologne, Germany

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The 2016 edition of the Passenger Terminal Expo will be held in Cologne, Germany. The range of topics that will be covered in the conference part is truly impressive while the exhibition will bring to visitors the latest and greatest in passenger terminal equipment and services.

BluSky Services has once again been honored by being invited to speak on Day 1, this time on the subject of the relationship between Total Airport Management and Airport Collaborative Decision Making. Of particular interest is that we will be presenting together with an old friend and colleague, Velissarios Eleftheriou who is the A-CDM Implementation Manager at Dubai Airports.

In the same session with a special colleague...

In the same session with a special colleague…


SESAR SWIM Global Demonstration, 8-9 June 2016, Rome, Italy

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This SESAR Global SWIM Demonstration event aims to showcase the global interoperability capabilities of system-wide information management (SWIM) and in relation to the ICAO GANP/ASBU´s and the European ATM Master Plan. Throughout the event, SWIM-founding principles and building blocks of information sharing, service orientation, federation, open standards, and information and service lifecycle management will be tested with partners from across the globe.

The event will consist of a mixture of plenary sessions, interoperability demonstrations and specific workshops with global partners, including the United States, Australia, United Arab Emirates, Israel, Mongolia and possibly more. This collaboration between global partners will be based on the ICAO ATMRPP SWIM Concept Manual (Doc10039). Demonstrations will consist of a hybrid combination of shadow mode operations for a nominal scenario and simulations to demonstrate a non-nominal scenario. Information exchanges will use weather information, network information, aeronautical information including digital NOTAM, and flight information.

Lessons learned during the demonstrations will be discussed during panel sessions, and will also be fed back into the ICAO Information Management Panel to allow for further maturing of the SWIM concept.

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Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

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To all our readers everywhere in the world… Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Photo: disneydose.com

Photo: disneydose.com


Digital Avionics Systems Conference, Prague, 2015 September 13-17

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There is a wide choice of conferences in the aviation field to chose from if you have the time (and budget) to attend some of them. They all provide excellent networking opportunities and of course the content is also of interest. However, if I had to chose just one conference, the winner would be, by a wide margin, the Digital Avionics Systems Conference or DASC. Few events combine such a wealth of information with such a great lineup of experts to meet.


In 2015 the 34th DASC will be held in Prague, Czech Republic and so it is easy to reach for Europeans even on a low travel budget. I would really recommend that you participate. What is more, there is still time to submit a paper, so if you have something to share with the wider aviation community, here is your chance!

New avionics systems in the area of Communication, Navigation and Surveillance serve as a key enabler for future Air Traffic Management. To ensure that airlines equip in time, mandates for new and existing aircraft have been proposed. This year, the impact of global mandates on avionics research and development has been chosen as the conference theme. Both the Plenary and Technical Sessions will be addressing the theme and will include many people from around the world discussing how their countries and organizations are responding to the mandates.

A special track will focus on whether there is a need for mandates that address cyber-related vulnerabilities in the CNS infrastructure. In this context, papers are being sought that address security threats and vulnerabilities of communication and navigation systems in terms of information integrity, their potential impact on safety, human factors aspects related to the detection of sudden inconsistencies in the available information, and technical mitigations such as improvements in the area of information authentication.

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Who benefits from ATM trade shows?

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ToothlessThe 2014 World ATM Congress has just closed its doors and like in other years, it left me with a nagging question. What is this jamboree about? The question is especially relevant since this new-fangled congress, under the auspices of CANSO and ATCA, is now in its second year and a comparison with its predecessor, ATC Global (now having been chased to Beijing) is also in order.

Of course there is nothing wrong with the venue of the Congress. The conference center in Madrid is world-class and Madrid itself is a wonderful city, so it was a good choice. The news that the congress will take place in the Spanish capital for at least another three year was a welcome one for sure.

But if we put the gathering and its events under the microscope, an interesting and disturbing “deja vu” feeling emerges.

Sure, the presentations and speeches are all there but the problem is not with what they say but what remains unsaid. Just like at ATC Global.

Of course it is nice to hear the party line repeated for the hundredth time and for someone wanting only an upbeat view of the future, this is just a fare they want. The theme of this year’s congress was “Delivery”… how stakeholders can work better to deliver. In the opening address, CANSO boss Jeff Pool said: without better regulation that positively drives performance, without ANSPs being allowed to operate like normal businesses and without working together to break down current barriers to global harmonization, we will not get anywhere. Nice words and I could not agree more. The problem is, they have a horribly musty smell…

Here is an interesting piece of text:

“At the fifth meeting of ECAC Transport Ministers (MATSE/5) in Copenhagen on 14th February 1997, Ministers adopted an Institutional Strategy for Air Traffic Management (ATM) in Europe and decided that the revised Convention, which was signed later in 1997, would be the legal instrument for the implementation of the ECAC ATM Institutional Strategy.
In addition, the Ministers requested a proposal for a comprehensive, ‘gate-to-gate’ orientated ATM Strategy for the years 2000+ as a follow-up to the En-Route and Airport Strategies for the 1990s. The ATM 2000+ Strategy follows on from the ECAC Strategies for the 1990’s. “

If you read the book that was the consequence of the above decision (just Google ATM2000+ Strategy), you will find something very interesting. Although there is no talk about horrors like the FAB or SESAR, or the less horroristic ICAO ASBUs, everything that is being promoted to-day, including at conferences like this one, as new and the saving of the ATM world has in fact been included in that strategy…

As I mentioned, the problem is not what is being said in the presentation. The problem is what is being left unsaid and thereby create the impression that we are on the threshold of the brave new ATM world. Just wait a few more months or years…

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ATC China 2013 – Conference and Exhibition. Beijing, 25-26 June 2013

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Technology innovation for Next Generation ATM Systems in China

Why This Event?

towerChina will build 70 new airports and expand 100 existing airports within the next three years. The air traffic volume is also expected to grow 10-15% per year over the next ten years. This surging demand will greatly boost required investment in China’s ATM system and provide numerous opportunities for global ATM stakeholders.

To cope with intense pressure from growth, China urges the development and application of new ATC technologies and the construction of a number of key ATC projects to improve its operational efficiency and service capacity.

ATC China 2013 is the unique and premier business occasion in China to gather ATM professionals from all major sectors together for business collaboration and industry knowledge sharing. It is time to get on board the most promising ATM Market!


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PBN Comes to Belgium

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In Assembly Resolution A36-23 ICAO has prescribed the performance based navigation global goals, at the same time also urging its Member States to develop a PBN Implementation Strategy and Plan which is to guide relevant developments of the air navigation infrastructure of the Member States.

The Implementation Strategy for Belgium has been developed to fulfill this requirement.

It comprises two types of content:
• Explanatory and guidance material – such material does not have the force of law and serve only to help in understanding the PBN concept and practices;
• Regulatory material – such material has the force of law and compliance with it is mandatory. Acceptable means of compliance may also be provided as part of the regulatory material.

Following the recent publication of the Performance Based Navigation (PBN) Implementation Strategy for the Kingdom of Belgium (PBNISB), the PBN Implementation Group will hold its first meeting on 19 February at the premises of the Belgian Civil Aviation Authority.

Interest in this meeting is very high. More than 50 people have registered, representing airports, ANSPs, airlines, general and business aviation and the avionics industry.

The meeting will set up a core group to develop with all speed the detailed implementation plan and corresponding deadlines so that actual implementation may start as soon possible.

Information will also be provided on how “seed-money” to kick-start implementation may be obtained in certain well defined cases.

Read Roger-Wilco to learn about the outcome of the meeting.


US Air Force Week 2012

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Air Force Week returns to New York City this Sunday, Aug. 19, providing flyovers, concerts and opportunities to meet Airmen serving in the U.S. Air Force.

The purpose of Air Force Week is to build relationships outside the local base community, reach out to those who are unfamiliar with the Air Force and to say thank you to those who lend their support.

The U.S. Air Force Aerial Demonstration Team, the “Thunderbirds,” will fly over during the opening ceremony to be held at the Intrepid Sea, Air and Space Museum Aug. 19, beginning at 1:00 p.m. The Air Force Broadcasting Service will air the ceremony live, via the Pentagon Channel, and streamed live on Air Force Link.

Senior leaders, and about 50 Airmen, will tour the 9-11 memorial and Freedom Tower Monday, Aug. 20, and members of the Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM), and the Air Force Research Laboratory will visit the Boy and Girls Club of America.

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TITAN Final Workshop Announced

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The final TITAN Workshop will be held on 21 November 2012 in Palma de Mallorca. Details of the workshop will be promulgated in October, however, if you are interested in participating, please send a message with your details by clicking here.

The TITAN project has analyzed the current turnaround process to detect gaps and to study the influence of external actors, especially the effect of land-side processes. The Advanced Turnaround Operational Concept originally defined by the project has been modeled, validated and updated in the course of last year. Using this new concept, a Decision-Making Support Tool is being developed to better manage the incidents that may occur during the turnaround process.  All this progress will be shown during the Final Workshop together with the results of the CBA that is currently being carried out.

You can read more about TITAN here.


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