The New BluSky Brochure is Now Available

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BluSky Services, established in 2003, has long been recognized as a company providing value at acceptable prices to their varied customer base spread all over the world. BluSky Services has always made sure that its portfolio of offerings is constantly updated to meet changing customer demand. They have just published their latest brochure which explains why BluSky Services is the best choice to support their customers and then gives a detailed description of the services being offered at this time.

It is well worth downloading the brochure and keeping it handy should a training need or some other requirement arise. Chances are, BluSky Services will already have a solution and if not, they will be happy to develop a custom solution. Click on the picture or here to download the BluSky Services brochure.



New flagship for BluSky

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It is now official. After 9 years of service and 230 thousand kilometers on the clock, our trusty Chrysler Grand Voyager (Town and Country in the US) is retiring. She has seen a lot of airports in Europe, some even from the inside, has carried everything from filming equipment to people to luggage… She has survived a hailstorm that left the metal bumpy like a disease but which was fully repaired… Recently she started to show her age by becoming less reliable. A sensor here, a wire chafed there and the computer deciding it was not safe to “fly”. The divorce became inevitable.

The new flagship is a close relative, a Lancia Voyager, S-type. As you probably know, Fiat took over Chrysler a few years ago and the brand name disappeared in Europe. Chrysler products are now sold under the Lancia name.


The Lancia Voyager is based on the latest model Town and Country in the US, however the Italians have performed a few clever miracles on the original van and turned it into something both chick and superbly functional. The second and third seat rows still disappear in the floor as if by magic and the all-electric sliding doors and tailgate make getting in and out and loading easy. If you liked Boeing’s sky-blue interior in the new 737s, you will feel right at home in this mini-van. Interior lighting is hidden and blue, with individual aircraft type reading lights for each passenger. The parking radar in the rear is combined with a TV camera and on the driver’s display the TV picture and the sensor imagery are cutely combined to help ease the 5.24 meter beast into a slot along the curb.


Lancia has put everything on the line to make the Voyager the best in its class.

With a powerful 2.8 l commonrail diesel engine humming away behind a 6-step automatic gearbox, she is ready for any mission… and will feel also right at home parked alongside a Dreamliner.

She will be joining the BluSky family next Saturday.



BluSky Services – New logo, new web site, same top quality service!

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Untitled-3On 1 April BluSky Services (parent of Roger-Wilco) celebrates its 11th birthday. Not one of those numbers usually celebrated by special events and firework but nevertheless, we have given the company a new logo and a new, fresh and dynamic web presence.

The logo is a more modern version of the previous one and as such the third incarnation of the original logo concept. The mountains (fashioned after the Grand Teton peaks in the US) are still there symbolizing the stamina of the company and of course the traditionally small aircraft hinting at what we do. In the version of the logo printed on our business cards the foundation year of BluSky, 2003, is also included… Yes, we are rather proud of the successful business group we built at the start of the previous decade.

The web site itself is constructed for simplicity to ensure that visitors find the information they seek with a minimum number of clicks. We would like to present the width of our services right on the top and then provide sufficient information to pick the interest of those honoring us with a visit so that they come back to us at the source to discuss their requirements.

I think the web site reflects the main development directions of the company. While we are maintaining our expertise in the air traffic management field, we are focusing more than ever also on our multimedia and training products. We hope that in this way we can provide an even more balanced and useful service to our clients all over the world.

Check out the new BluSky Services web-site here!


New ICAO Flight Plan goes live on 15 November

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The worldwide implementation of ICAO Flight Plan changes take effect this week on 15 November 2012. The amendments to flight plan content go to the very core of flight plan processing.

15 November 2012 is the ultimate deadline: after that date, current or old format flight plan messages will no longer be accepted.

Aircraft Operators were requested to begin filing flight plans in the new format from 12 November onwards, so as to ensure that by 15 November, only new format data are in the systems.

The main changes affect:

– field 10 in the standard flight plan, the section describing the equipment carried by the aircraft (and its capabilities)
– the way in which this information is described in field 18
– the ability to file up to five days in advance of the estimated off-block time (EOBT) using the date of flight (DOF).

Although the changes require system modifications, it is also important to realise that much more information is now needed on the flight’s communication, navigation and surveillance capabilities.

This will have significant impact on anyone who creates or receives flight plan messages: air navigation service providers (ANSPs), aircraft operators, air traffic services reporting offices (AROs) and flight plan service providers.

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David McMillan, EUROCONTROL Director General, Assumes Chair of Flight Safety Foundation

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The Flight Safety Foundation  is an independent, non-profit, international organization engaged in research, education, advocacy and publishing to improve aviation safety. The Foundation’s mission is to be the leading voice of safety for the global aerospace community.

It was announced today that EUROCONTROL Director General David McMillan has become the new Chairman of the FSF Board of Governors. McMillan welcomed the attendees to the 65th annual International Air Safety Seminar today in Santiago, Chile as one of his first actions as Chairman. He is the first FSF Chairman from outside the US.

“With his world-wide reputation, David brings a wealth of experience in representing the sterling FSF brand,” said William R. Voss, FSF President and CEO.

“We’re particularly pleased to have David take the helm,” said Dave Barger, JetBlue President and CEO, and FSF Treasurer, “The Flight Safety Foundation will benefit greatly from the perspective David will bring, as its first truly international global leader.”

McMillan is currently the Director General of EUROCONTROL, a role he will continue until the end of 2012. Prior to his time there, Mr. McMillan was the Director General Civil Aviation at the UK Department of Transport and served in the UK’s Foreign and Commonwealth Office as a diplomat in various postings.

In accepting the Chair position, McMillan said: “We cannot rest or become complacent in aviation safety. The Foundation’s key global advocacy role is more important than ever in today’s economic climate. I call on everyone with an interest in aviation safety to consider contributing to the important work of the Foundation.”



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Elrey B. Jeppesen is probably one of the best known names in aviation. True, some of us tend to associate his name with charts or the famous flight bag, but it was Elrey the man and pilot who left his indelible mark on making aviation safer. You can read more about his story and the famous black book here.

We visited Jeppesen’s European headquarters near Frankfurt recently as part of a film project. His larger than life statute greets the visitor, immediately setting the mood. The statute’s base is adorned by a plaque with his famous words:

“I didn’t develop the charts to get famous, I did it to stay alive”.

Doing so, he also helped thousands of other pilots stay alive too.


Have you ever flown into a thunderstorm?

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Watch this Air Safety Institute (ASI) webcast Preempting a Thunderstorm’s Fury: Cockpit Weather, ATC and You.

Thunderstorms can pack a powerful punch, and flying anywhere in the vicinity of one can be deadly. But, how do you recognize and deal with convective weather?

Watch the Air Safety Institute’s “Preempting a Thunderstorm’s Fury: Cockpit Weather, ATC, and You.” In this recorded webcast, AOPA Foundation President Bruce Landsberg and expert panelists discuss practical weather strategies beyond the basics: How are ASR and WARP different? What does the dBz scale mean to you? How do you interpret steep precipitation gradients?

Find out how to minimize your risk of encountering a thunderstorm’s fearsome wrath!



New Look, Features Now Offered by Air Charter Marketplace

On 19/07/2012, in Just to let you know..., by steve launches new look and features to its popular air charter marketplace which now features over 700 aircraft and 200 charter operators.

For nearly a year, the Worldwide Air Charter Marketplace has positioned itself as the one-stop solution for private jet travelers with more than 700 aircraft and 200 operators ready to meet their needs. Now, the site offers more search options and a number of new features to bring charter operators and consumers closer together.

“Building search technology and other features geared toward attracting the private traveler is our focus, though our partnership with operators really makes us look good,” Robert Hart, head of said. “None of this would be possible without their hard work and willingness to participate in a new program introduced during hard economic times.”

While the marketplace has introduced some industry firsts, such as video promotion and intelligent search technology, it isn’t calling it quits on improving the service.

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Aviation can also be a great theme for Bible School!

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Destin is a wonderful little vacation village in sunny Florida, USA. First Baptist Church Destin is a newly reinvigorated congregation that is well known in the region for some of its activities, including the yearly Bible School that kicks off to-day.

Monday morning a helicopter owned by Timber View, a Wellsville, Kansas operator with equipment stationed in Destin providing airborne tours for tourist will set down on the parking lot of First Baptist Church and children from 4 years to 5th grade will start a week of Vacation Bible School.

With arms extended and imaginations pulling wheels up, those who attend will take a tour of the world to see God’s Amazing Wonders.

They’ll rally in the Worship Hangar each morning at nine then they’re off to Bible study at Victoria Falls, Missions Under the Northern Lights, Music at the Matterhorn, Crafts at the Great Barrier Reef, Recreation at the Grand Canyon and Snacks at Paricutin Volcano.

A Timberview Helicopter...

Guests for the week will include a diver bringing video of his Great Barrier Reef dive, pilots with major size model planes from Eglin Air Force Base Aero Modellers, and more.

It’s a week of wonders, cleared for take off, for children to watch amazing things and encounter God, all against the backdrop of some of the world’s most marvelous natural wonders.

This year’s theme: Awesome God! Amazing Power! based on Psalm 147:5 “Our Lord is great, vast in power; His understanding is infinite.

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Avionics Magazine Announces Nan Mattai, Senior Vice President, Engineering and Technology, Rockwell Collins Avionics Woman of the Year

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Avionics magazine covers all segments of the worldwide aviation electronics industry, including commercial transport, military/space, corporate aircraft, helicopter and general aviation. The magazine reports on technical, business and regulatory developments in all areas of avionics, including free flight, satellite navigation and positioning, airborne systems, ground navigation aids, air traffic control and management, and test and maintenance.

Nan Mattai, Senior Vice President, Engineering and Technology, Rockwell Collins, has been named Avionics Magazine’s Woman of the Year for 2012. She will be recognized for her contributions to the aviation marketplace during the Women in Technology Awards Luncheon on June 4 in Washington D.C.

Nan Mattai is the senior vice president of engineering and technology for Rockwell Collins. Additionally, she is a corporate officer. Mattai is responsible for the company’s engineering and technology organization, including the Advanced Technology Center. In this role, she is responsible for guiding the future technology direction, technology investment decisions and the development of advanced technologies to meet the needs of various parts of the business.

“Our very impressive list of candidates made this a difficult choice to choose just one winner for the Woman of the Year,” said Emily Feliz, editor of Avionics. “Nan’s leadership and dedication to not only her job, but the aviation community as well, was the deciding factor in selecting her for this award. We are all extremely proud to recognize Nan Mattai as the Avionics Woman of the Year.”

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