Jeppesen-Designed Arrival Procedures to Bring Efficiencies of Performance Based Navigation to Denver International Airport

On 28/11/2012, in PBN, by steve

RNAV RNP arrivals designed by Jeppesen in concert with Denver International Airport, FAA and other stakeholders to improve flow of arrival traffic, reduce pilot and controller workload and lessen  aircraft environmental impact.

Jeppesen, a unit of Boeing Flight Services, has collaborated with Denver International Airport (DEN), the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and other stakeholders to design and deliver RNAV RNP (area navigation with required navigation performance) based arrivals for DEN. The collaboration brings the benefits of Performance Based Navigation – increased runway throughput; reductions in aircraft fuel burn, greenhouse gas emissions and minimized noise footprints – to the Denver area.

Performance Based Navigation is the foundation of the FAA’s NextGen modernization program, Europe’s SESAR programs and other future air traffic management concepts, which will alleviate much of today’s delays on the ground and in the air. Working with DEN, the FAA, airlines and others, including authorities from Centennial Airport and Rocky Mountain Regional Airport, Jeppesen has designed new arrival procedures that will expedite the flow of traffic arriving at DEN. The new procedures reduce pilot and controller workload and increase aircraft operational efficiency, while at the same time make DEN more neighbor-friendly.

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