The absolute bio low cost carrier…

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Flying in the fireworks

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I can still remember vividly how the customary 20 August fireworks in Budapest meant that we had to steer everyone clear of the area… Not that there was a lot of traffic at nine in the evening, but Swissair’s evening flight from Zurich did on occasion arrive to be treated to a fireworks display… from above. Of course nobody in their right mind would have wanted to fly into the fireworks display!

How times have changed. Now all it takes is a drone costing less than a 1000 bucks plus a camera on it that is even cheaper and you are all set. Fly with the sparks, as the video below demonstrates.

Many thanks Phil for sending this nice piece to Roger-Wilco.

fireworks and drone


Now… where did I put the ignition key???

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Photo: Laszlo Daniel Dutch Aviation Photographers Group

Photo: Laszlo Daniel Dutch Aviation Photographers Group


Echoes from the past

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ma13 February 2012 was a black day in the history of civil aviation in Hungary. Malev, the national airline of the country stopped operations that day after it was placed under bankruptcy protection the day before. The causes are many, both political and economic, and one unexpected result is that a lot of people in the Hungarian aviation family came to hate low cost carriers, kinda giving them the blame for what had happened. Ryanair was one of the airlines that picked up the slack left by Malev and their aggressive attitude and oft criticized service was the perfect opening for directing Hungarian frustration against the company. The other, much hated, outfit is WizzAir. Some people give the blame to its director who, they claim, was instrumental in helping Malev go bankrupt. The fact that WizzAir has in the meantime become one of the biggest low cost carriers in Europe does not seem to compensate the haters.

Passing through Ferihegy Airport just a few days before the second anniversary of the Malev failure, a strange sight caught my eyes. Apparently the past is still very much in evidence… Airstair with the Malev logo on it against a Wizzair aircraft and a van of MGH… Malev Ground Handling  seem to keep the memories of happier days alive. I can just hope nobody will have the bright idea of repainting/renaming those things! Sure, they are not your usual ads for a great company but they warm one’s heart nevertheless.

I can imagine that in a few year’s time a little kid will ask his dad what Malev means on the side of the airstair… and even that his dad might teply, I do not know.

Well, there is a task for all of us. Remember… and help others to know about Malev, no matter how far into history things have sunk.





Reason to pause…

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This beauty arrived over Brussels Airport Saturday morning. For a while, nobody flew…


The day after…

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Photo courtesy World's Best Aviation Photography

Photo courtesy World’s Best Aviation Photography


Past and present

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Sometimes the past and present meet in the strangest ways. Here is a USAF C-17 at the Papa air base in Hungary and a battered, old, East-German Trabant passenger car that had its heyday decades before the C-17 was born.


Pictures from the 2007 Zhukovsky air show

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Located on the shoreline of Galendzhik lake, some three hours drive from downtown Moscow, Zhukovsky Airport, once a secret test airport, is the perfect location to host the Russian Air Show: the reason is that
flying boats are a major concern for Russians designers,  so a large mass of water to display their impressive  performances was considered a must.

This is a wildlife show. Not only is this a chance to  behold the extremely refined stage of Russian aircraft  design, but also to watch live and much closer than  you could ever do in the west, since European safety
regulations concerning flight displays over civilian  audiences do not apply in Russia.

This is only a selection of the pictures from the show and a lot has changed in he past five years. Few of the commercial aircraft ever made it to the mainstream… but they are a unique sight nevertheless.

Antonov An-225 Mriya


Beriev Be-200

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Paradise remains paradise…

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Honolulu has always been the main gateway to paradise. As you can see on the period postcard reproduced above, this gateway had an airport to match. Passengers could drink their Kona coffee right next to the apron and people alighting from the planes were embraced by the perfume of the flowers found in abundance everywhere.

In most places when a new airport replaces the old, it is more modern and more comfortable but it usually keeps little or nothing of the old sphere.

Not in Honolulu! The new airport, which is as modern as they come, welcomes you in surroundings which are as near to the spirit of that lovely old airport as they can be. Judge for yourself…

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Retro is in…

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Painting aircraft in alliance colors is something agreed by the partners. Painting aircraft in an airline’s old livery is a decision they take themselves and to be honest, I like this latter a good deal more. The new paint schemes may be cute but some of the old ones still carry the aura of adventure and elegance airlines travel used to be back then.

This Airbus in old Air France livery may not equal the beauty of a Super Constellation but in her own way she is also nice.


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