Pilots and Air Traffic Controllers Phraseology Study

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The International Air Transport Association (IATA), together with the International Federation of Air Line Pilots’ Associations (IFALPA) and the International Federation of Air Traffic Controllers’ Associations (IFATCA), jointly prepared an on-line survey regarding communication issues, focusing on the non-use of ICAO standard phraseology. Separate surveys for both airline Pilots and Air Traffic Controllers (ATC) were prepared to collate the lessons learned and identify potential safety recommendations in the area of communications. This Report is the outcome of these surveys.

The use of “Aviation English” was explicitly excluded from the survey as this issue has been managed through other venues. The survey was designed to identify areas where established phraseology, or local phraseology, has been, or has the potential, to be misunderstood.


Flight Deck Procedures – A Guide for Controllers

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News from EUROCONTROL’s aviation safety knowledge base SKYbrary

It is important for controllers to have a basic knowledge of flight deck procedures and to appreciate what happens on the flight deck as a result of their instructions.
With the help of EasyJet and bmi, UK NATS have produced two videos explaining what happens on a flight deck in both normal and unusual & emergency situations.

 Check out Flight Deck Procedures – A Guide for Controllers here.


Multiple Line-ups on the Same Runway

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News from EUROCONTROL’s aviation safety knowledge base SKYbrary.

Multiple line-ups is a technique employed at some busy airports to expedite the departure of aircraft from the runway. It concerns departing aircraft being instructed to line-up on the same runway at different positions using different access taxiways and is a significant capacity enabler when implemented in line with ICAO recommendations and phraseology.

Learn more about Multiple Line-ups on the Same Runway on SKYbrary.


Level Bust Toolkit

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The new and updated Level Bust Toolkit includes training and awareness material, including videos and e-learning tools, designed to raise awareness of the level bust issue and to help everyone do their bit to reduce level busts.

Check out the toolkit at EUROCONTROL’s one stop safety knowledge base, SKYbrary.


New ACAS II Bulleting from EUROCONTROL

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The 12th issue of EUROCONTROL’s ACAS II Bulletin is now available for download from the SKYbrary here.

This issue focuses on pilot training, featuring a number of events based on real-life incidents, and also presents a summary of the findings of  recent research into how pilots react to RAs.


Watch your water drains!

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Many years ago while working in Paris I bought a Peugeot 305… Do not laugh, I said it was many years ago and what looks to-day like a hopelessly boxy vehicle was a nice new model from the Lion back then. My Dad was worried about the 305’s Latin origins… in his eyes only German workmanship was worth your hard earned cash. I had no such reservations about French cars and in any case, with the diplomatic discount and all, the price was irresistible.

After several thousand miles of faithful service, I noticed in the middle of a really nasty thunderstorm that there was water dripping inside the car into the foot-well of the front passenger. Water coming from below is bad news, it indicates that your chassis is corroded but water dripping from higher up is even worse… that water can find its way into the car’s electrics and then anything can happen. I took the car to a friendly local garage and upon hearing my story, the mechanic on hand produced a foot long, hard wire of some kind and opened the bonnet. He then stuck the wire into a hole partially hidden by the plastic trim and moved it up and down vigorously. He then closed the bonnet and assured me that there would be no more water… he also gave me the wire and suggested that I clean the hole regularly. Apparently the 305’s water-drains were prone to blockage and all you needed to prevent trouble was the little piece of wire which I was the proud owner of now. I remember thinking on the way back to the ICAO office how lucky it was that aircraft were being built better… this could never happen on a 747. I was wrong!

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Fatigue manifestations

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News from EUROCONTROL’s aviation safety knowledge base SKYbrary.

The Operators Guide to Human Factors in Aviation (OGHFA) is a project of the Flight Safety Foundation European Advisory Committee. OGHFA is an extensive compendium of human factors information focused on further advancing commercial aviation safety.

The Briefing Note (BN) “Fatigue Manifestations” explores some of the causes, manifestations and consequences of pilot fatigue. It also outlines the basics of fatigue management and discusses how fatigue management is important to flight safety during both long-range flight (LRF) and short-range flight (SRF).

Read more about this important subject here.


NSA training initiative program

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News from EUROCONTROL’s aviation safety knowledge base SKYbrary.

The European Commission’s drive to create a Single European Sky (SES) – where harmonized rules and procedures are utilized across all States – has generated a range of new regulatory rules for both States and ANSPs, many of which necessitate changes in working methods.

ANS providers must now be certified by a National Supervisory Authority (NSA) before they can provide a service. Therefore training of the NSA staff to develop the necessary competence is essential and has become a priority for all NSAs across Europe.

Read more about the NSA training initiative program here.

You can find a lot of SES reference material here.


An old enemy – radiation fog

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News from EUROCONTROL’s aviation safety knowledge base SKYbrary.

As winter approaches in Northern Europe, the risk of Radiation Fog, on a cloudless night, especially within a high pressure system, is increasing. Close monitoring of Dew Point and Temperature difference, and trends over previous days will give an insight into the likelihood of fog which may affect both destination and primary alternates.

Although these days the disruption caused by fog is far less serious than it used to be, it is a good idea to refresh our understanding of this natural phenomena.

Read more here.


Take off from wrong intermediate position – report now available

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News from EUROCONTROL’s aviation safety knowledge base SKYbrary.

The UK AAIB has recently published its final report into the incident at St Kitts on 26 September 2009, when a Boeing 777-200 unintentionally began and completed take off from a different intermediate position on the departure runway than the one intended. The aircraft just succeeded in becoming airborne before the end of the paved surface was reached.

Read more about this incident here.

Read the full report here.


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