Station calling – Visiting To70

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Driving a US sized mini-van is not easy on the narrow streets of Den Hague and avoiding the ever-present cyclists is a task unto itself but visiting aviation consulting firm To70 was a challenge mainly because of the house numbers. Don’t ask me why No. 60 is tucked away between two much higher house numbers of three digits but that is exactly how it is, making it a bit tough to find the right building.

To70 was born some ten years ago offering mainly aviation environmental issues-related support to various organizations. They have now grown to the point where they have offices not only in The Netherlands, but also in Australia, Thailand, Germany, China and Colombia. This enables them to offer their services in all those regions using a local presence and perfect understanding of their specific needs.

Their clients include airlines, airports, government agencies, research institutions and air navigation service providers which all face the challenge of accommodating the growing air traffic demand and integrating their operations with the needs of the environment. To70, with its wide range of expertise, is the ideal partner for such organizations.

They are truly at home in a very wide range of aviation fields. To name just a few:

• Route development
• Aviation communications
• Aviation safety
• Air traffic management
• Environmental issues
• Aviation policy
• Airport strategic planning

It is evident from this very impressive list that they must have access to a wide range of skills, from engineering to aero politics. And they do, too!

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Station calling – Visiting Wings Over Hawai’i

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With the aviation industry finally climbing out from the worst crisis it has ever faced, the trade press is also taking note and articles of doom are increasingly being replaced by cautious good news from all corners of the world. But there were people who, even in the middle of the darkest days, tolled to help make aviation education better and more accessible in their community.

Wings Over Hawaii is a non-profit organization set up by husband and wife John and Marissa Colclasure in 2008 in Honolulu, Hawaii. I think this in itself says a lot about their love for the business of flying as well as their vision of the future. In 2008 most of us were worrying about our jobs and future while the Colclasures set out to remedy a shortcoming they noticed in the educational programming available in the Hawaiian communities.

What they had discovered was that programs promoting flying were not only hard to find but those available were not much fun and were often outright boring. Aviation is always fun and it is never boring. There is excitement and adventure in it and the opportunity for going beyond one’s imagination… This was the kind of program John and Marissa was missing and which they decided to realize in the framework of Wings Over Hawaii.

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Station calling – Visiting

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No matter what subject one picks, there are hundreds if not thousands of sites on the internet that appear to cover that particular subject, some doing a better job than the others. It is often not easy to find the truly reliable ones. Aviation related sites are no different. This is why it is so refreshing and nice to happen on a place where you can be sure that what you get is the best there is whether it is news, supplier lists or vacancies. is such a place!

Launched in 2002, just4airlines is a limited liability company registered in Malaysia with offices both there and in the UK. The company’s mandate is to provide an online travel directory to airline employees worldwide. However, as we will see, the site provides a wealth of information and resources for anyone interested in aviation.

All three founders, Nuala Boardman, Yvonne Russell and Paul Russell, are still active in the company and they are all ex-airline employees (BOAC, British Airways, IATA, Canadian Pacific) and as such know very well what to provide in the context of such a directory service.

Their home page, which is nice in its simplicity, is easy to navigate. It welcomes you claiming to be the one-stop resource for airline people but this is again an understatement. Anyone working in aviation (and beyond) will find things of interest on this well thought out site.

Click on any of the side-bar menu items and you are taken to the subject page, all of which present the same, straightforward, uncluttered look and feel as the home page itself. No unnecessary graphics and other glitzy elements here, “just” information presented in an easy to absorb manner. I wish more sites would emulate this information-centric approach.

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Station calling – Visiting the Budapest Airport Hotel, your home away from home

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Hotels serving airports tend to be either dreary or expensive or both and all too often they do not much care about their guests who are in transit and are unlikely to become regulars anyway. One can find good examples of how it can and should be done at the several hotels around Brussels airport and we have now found one that really excels 5 minutes from Budapest Ferihegy airport.

Welcome to the Airport Hotel Budapest.

Jump on their shuttle bus (which you can even pre-order to meet your flight) and you will be taken through an industrial park still being developed near the airport and passing by Hungarian low fare airline Wizzair’s headquarters, you arrive at the hotel after a ride of about five minutes.

The house opened in July 2008 and it looks brand new inside and out. The surroundings could do with a bit of landscaping but that will surely come. Inside you enter a pleasantly appointed, atrium-style lobby with the front desk facing the restaurant. Off to the left is a nice little cafeteria.

Even if you only stay for one night, the restaurant will play an important role in your sojourn. First of all, it is open 24 hours a day! No matter how late you arrive or how early you rise because of jet-lag, a tasty meal is available at all hours of the day and the night. How many big name hotels can boast this kind of service?

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Station calling – Visiting the Air Show Action Photo Gallery

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OK, I will admit it, I am not a great fan of air shows. I like to visit airports, aircraft manufacturing plants, maintenance hangars… but not air shows. Aircraft are being mishandled there and on occasion they will fight back.

Of course my aversion to air shows does not extend to visiting sites on the internet dedicated to air shows. I think in terms of photo material, Peter Steehouver’s Air Show Action Photo Gallery must be the best around.

Online since 1997, it has more than 600 pages and a staggering 19625 pictures, all taken by Peter himself!

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Station calling – Visiting Jeppesen

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Elrey B. Jeppesen

In the aviation business, like in any other business, certain names rise to the top to be there for decades serving as beacons of progress and hope. Then some of them disappear, never to be heard of again. New generations grow up and for them names like Curtiss or Douglas or McDonnell do not mean anything any more. It is the sign of the times that in recent history we had to witness what was probably the biggest mass extinction in aviation history taking the likes of Pan Am and TWA with it…

Fortunately, others endure and continue to prove that by adapting to the changing environment, survival is possible. Jeppesen is such a company.

Perhaps best known by their aeronautical charts, often referred to by pilots as “jepps”, few people actually realize just how broad an offering Jeppesen has to support all kinds of aviation activities and probably even fewer people know where it all started or where it is all going for that matter. Visiting Jeppesen is like a voyage into the past and future of the aviation support industry.

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Station calling – Visiting StuckMic

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Our concept for Roger-Wilco is to make it different. You will judge how successful we are in this endeavor but in the meantime we like to believe that we provide value to our readers in a form and with content that does distinguish us from other, aviation related sites.

This does not mean that we consider the other, sometimes long established, sites inferior in any way. Far from it! We believe that most of them are excellent and provide real value in their specific areas of interest. We also believe that Roger-Wilco is then more of a complementary place, the watering hole you will visit to read up on interesting stories and subjects of common interest either before or after visiting other sites.

In this spirit we are starting a new category called “Say again” where we will bring you news about and from those other places so that after having visited us, you may fly around the internet with a bit more focus. This is in fact the second article in the series; the first one was about an aerial photography site which you can read it here.

StuckMic_logoBut now I would like to tell you about my visit to StuckMic, a site that claims to be the biggest ATC site in the world. Their choice of name is really cute. A stuck microphone (that is what “stuckmic” means) is something both pilots and controllers know all about and hence it is easy to remember.

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Station calling – Aerial photography par excellence

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Aerial photoWhether for a project or just for fun, we all need nice, professional photographs every now and then. There are many sites with aircraft but few sites offer the amazing breadth of aerial photographs found here. More then 14k shots of natural and man-made beauty (and aircraft too!) captured by the experts of “Aerial Photography – Hungary from above”  are available on their site, organized in an easy to use manner. A search engine helps in case you have a problem finding something.

But this is not all. If you want to have a given site, events or other subjects recorded specifically for you, the company will arrange the aerial photo shoot! It is a young, enthusiastic crew and you will not be disappointed. Contact them here.



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