HungaroControl cooperates with Scandinavian Air Traffic Management academy

On 24/06/2011, in Training world, by steve

The Hungarian air navigation service provider and Entry Point North owned by the Swedish, the Danish and the Norwegian air navigation service providers are opening a joint ATM training academy in Budapest named Entry Point Central. Starting in September 2011, the future generation of Hungarian air traffic controllers will be trained according to the world-class Scandinavian training program and methodology. The new academy will also be open for other air navigation providers.

HungaroControl and Entry Point North have founded a joint venture. This long-term, cross-border partnership has been created with the purpose of increasing the level of initial air traffic controller training in Hungary, with the help of one of Europe’s most renowned ATM training center. In the long term, this partnership will contribute to the development of air navigation services in the region and the improvement of the competitiveness of Functional Airspace Block Central Europe (FAB CE). The first training course will begin in September 2011 with 16 Hungarian students at the joint academy in Budapest, named Entry Point Central.

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BluSky Services and Holland Aviation Consultancy & Engineering (HACE) team up to develop advanced e-training courses

On 13/06/2011, in Training world, by steve

The importance of training in aviation cannot be over emphasized. This has been amply demonstrated by recent events, including the Air France A330 crash and the A380 taxi incident, in both of which pilot training issues have been identified as important contributory factors.

But the need for quality training extends way beyond pilots and air traffic controllers. People working on all levels and in all aviation disciplines must be able to supplement their basic training and skills with new knowledge constantly being generated in this fast moving industry.

Training is an expensive affair. The courses themselves tend to have a steep price and having people travel to the course location incurs additional expenses. Temporary absence from the workplace must also be accounted for. With company budgets under stress everywhere, managers are often forced to axe all but essential training. Of course the line between essential and nice to have is not always easy to identify and missing out on important new knowledge happens before we know it.

However, modern technology is here to help. Enter the Advanced E-training Courses being offered in air traffic management by the HACE/BluSky Services partnership. These two companies bring together several years’ worth of expertise in air traffic management and e-learning to offer a wide range of courses at a very reasonable price.

Whether you are an individual wishing to expand your horizons or a company with a need to bring its personnel up to speed on certain subjects, e-learning provides a cost-effective and convenient way to acquire the knowledge you seek. In all cases, the total cost is a fraction of what an equivalent classroom course would require in terms of time and money.

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