Viewfinder View 13 – There are many ways for an aircraft to die

On 18/04/2012, in Viewfinder view, by steve

Most aircraft live to be well respected seniors but for all of them the day comes when they must face the cruel reality: no more flying! Some will have a second life as training facilities, others will burn while the firemen hone their skills, still others are disassembled and the material is recycled. Whichever way we look at it, forever grounded aircraft are a sad sight. Luckily, unlike us humans, aircraft cannot ponder their own mortality…

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Viewfinder View 12 – Are they envious?

On 14/04/2012, in Viewfinder view, by steve

Past presidents looking at the carriage of the new one… are they envious?


Viewfinder View 11 – Wouldn’t you love to have a coach ticket for this seat-row?

On 04/04/2012, in Viewfinder view, by steve

Well, there was only one way to travel like this… if you were the third pilot on one of the very long flights of Continental Airlines. The skipper slept like a baby until it was time to releive his colleague up front.


Viewfinder View 10 – Seat with extra legroom

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Viewfinder View 9 – Should they hire basket-ball players as baggage handlers?

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…may be they should indeed!


Viewfinder View 8 – Things do contract in the cold

On 22/02/2012, in Viewfinder view, by steve

Flying at high altitude, this Airbus 330 wing shows clearly how material contracts and gets distorted in the extreme cold found there. Once back in the warmer air on descent, the same area was smooth as a baby’s bottom.



Viewfinde View 7 – Desperation

On 03/02/2012, in Viewfinder view, by steve

On her knees looking after the fast receding figure of her mom… this tired little girl will probably remember Madrid airport with less than enthusiasm.


Viewfinder View 6 – Helpful Security

On 16/01/2012, in Viewfinder view, by steve

Not aviation related but still very nice…  If a roll of paper from the cash-register needs to be rolled up again, what better resource to use than the security guy. If somebody decided to rob this hamburger joint, throwing the roll against the robber would probably have had the right surprise effect!


Viewfinder View 5 – Passenger 57?

On 05/01/2012, in Viewfinder view, by steve

I am sure you remember the movie Passenger 57… There is a scene in which one of the bad guys gets his neck broken while seated in his airplane scene and then they cover his head with his hat to keep the cabin crew from asking questions too early. I was reminded of this scene when I found a passenger covered head to legs next to us on a recent flight to Madrid.

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Viewfinder view 4- Lost and found

On 19/12/2011, in Viewfinder view, by steve

Ever wondered what happens to your bag after you give it up to your favorite airline? Check these two photos which  I call lost and found.





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