EGNOS Safety of Life Service Available Since Yesterday

On 03-03-2011, in Satellite Navigation, by steve

The European Satellite Services Provider (ESSP) has officially declared the start of the EGNOS Safety-of-Life Service as of March 2nd 2011 following EC authorisation to provide the service.

The EGNOS Safety-of-Life (SoL) Service consists of signals for timing and positioning intended for most transport applications Рespecially in the domain of aviation- where lives could be endangered if the performance of the navigation system is degraded.

Prior to this date and according to the Single European Sky regulations, ESSP, the EGNOS Service Provider, went through a process of Certification to become an Air Navigation Services Provider and a final acceptance from the French National Supervisory Authority (NSA) had to be achieved.

The EGNOS SoL Service, its coverage area, its expected performances and conditions of use are described in the EGNOS Safety-Of-Life Service Definition Document (SDD).

Once the EGNOS SoL Service has been declared available, Air Navigation Service Providers in the EGNOS service area may proceed with the publication of SBAS precision approach procedures  based on EGNOS, once they have established working agreements with ESSP as required by the SES regulation.

In 2003, the airspace users were less than enthusiastic about EGNOS… see here. It will be interesting to see how a decade of changes has affected the community’s perception of this baby…

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