Twenty-First Century Jet – The Making and Marketing of the Boeing 777

On 20-04-2012, in Bookshelf, by steve

By Karl Sabbagh
Publisher: SCRIBNER
ISBN: 0-684-80721-1

You may be wondering why I am recommending a book first published in 1996… The Boeing 777 is now known the world over as an efficient, safe and rather loveable aircraft that is in high demand by airlines.

Karl Sabbagh’’s book is a masterpiece and he tells the story of the 777 gestation in a clear and entertaining manner. While Boeing had put the future of the company on the line when they decided to build the 747, the decision to build the 777 and the effort expended was no less epic.

The original designers of the 777 are doubtless watching with a warm feeling in their hearts as Boeing is preparing to tweak the triple-seven to make it even more competitive with Airbus’ upcoming A350. From what is known about Boeing’s plans, it is clear that the 777 is an excellent design and a great platform on to which you can graft new technologies that will keep it a competitor to be reckoned with for many years to come.

In other words, we will be hearing a lot about the 777 in the coming years.

If you have not yet read Sabbagh’s book, this is an excellent time to get up to date on the story of the 777 and so be in a better position to understand and appreciate Boeing’s work to keep the twenty-first century jet right at the cutting edge in the coming decades.

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